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About Lucy Matthews

“You have to get someone to do PR for you or you have to GET GOOD AT IT yourself. In either case you NEED Lucy Matthews.” – Jane Maudsley, Little Voices

Lucy is an expert in:

  • Strategic public relations
  • PR training and support

  • Professional speaking

  • Coaching

Lucy Matthews is a PR expert, Amazon #1 Best Selling author and speaker who has specialized in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in a wide range of sectors, globally.

She can help you elevate your business through her years of experience and knowledge in both the Business to Business and Business to Consumer sectors.

With thousands of clients under Lucy’s belt, she has worked with solo-preneurs, multi-national corporations and all sizes of business in between, ranging from industrial floor cleaning manufacturers to football clubs; property developers to therapists; Pepsi to pasta ready-meals; photographers to authors; big businesses to entrepreneurs, and small start-ups. In each project, Lucy has helped them to build their profile, make more sales and put themselves ahead of their competitors.

With a curiosity for people and a passion for helping them achieve their business goals, Lucy is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and horizons to ensure she is delivering a first-rate, successful service.

As a trained actress with a love of performing, Lucy is an engaging and inspiring speaker experienced at delivering talks on PR and its importance in all our lives and businesses, to any sized audience, in any business genre.

In their words…


“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lucy Matthews and know first hand that her PR and motivational skills are second to none.”

Helen Griffin, The Craven Group

“Lucy makes what seems impossible very do-able.”

Liz Scott, The Image Advantage

“I had never really been clear on the difference between PR and marketing but Lucy makes it very easy to understand with lots of hints and tips on how we can use it to our advantage to promote our businesses.”

Liz Sprotson, Lawyers on Demand

“Lucy demystifies the world of PR, making it clear that anyone can have a go and it need not cost a fortune!”

Suzanne Mitchell, Swale Dale Country Holidays


“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lucy for several years and her strengths are being pro-active and reactive with equal skill. Lucy can produce ideas on behalf of her clients, with a knack of pitching them at the right journalist and the right outlet.”

Fred Redwood, National Freelance Journalist

“I have worked with Lucy Matthews on several property features and have been impressed by her integrity, professionalism and charm. Obviously extremely hard working, she offers journalists far more than the standard “one-size-fits all” sales pitch. I would recommend Lucy Matthews unreservedly to anyone considering making use of her considerable talents as a PR.”

Jenny Knight, National Freelance Journalist

“I have always enjoyed working with Lucy. Not only does she do all the normal things one expects from a good PR: acting promptly, answering queries quickly, supplying case studies and so forth, but she has that added ingredient so many others lack – she can recognise a story.”

Graham Norwood, National Freelance Journalist

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