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And we’re off! 2019

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So how was it for you? Did 2018 end happily, and successfully (however you measure that in your world)? For me the rather weird but refreshing time between the office closing for Christmas, and opening again on January 2 (when you don't know what day of the week it is, and I enjoy that!) was full of family and friends, [...]


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The four legged, super hairy (tho it doesn't moult - marvellous!), totally adoring and loyal young man that I share my house with, who answers to a variety of names - Roly/Roland/Rolanski/Rolster/Roly-Woo - has been a total delight in my life this year, and very good for my PR. He is so sweet and friendly people stop me on walks, [...]

Sexy Fish – food for thought…

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Great name for a venue don't you think? Two questions then: What venue do you reckon it is? And where? Would you spend £180/head on a set menu of a some raw fish and a few skewers of chicken? Before the wine! If you're a true foodie (with a healthy bank balance) I guess you will say 'of course' to [...]

New Year Predictions!

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OK, so we're in the middle of the Christmas mayhem. If you're anything like me, you're tired (it is party month after all!), distracted and racing around juggling all the things that need to be done when you are working/running a business/managing cashflow to make sure all the bills are paid whilst getting those plans sorted for presents, meals, parties [...]

Work with me for half a day…

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As you know, I LOVE helping people make sense of PR, find the angles they don't seem to realise they have in their businesses, and generally give them the tools and confidence to get out there and tell the world how marvellous they are!! I hope I've got that message across to you by now! SO, with that in mind [...]

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