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New Year Predictions!

By |Business Publicity|

OK, so we're in the middle of the Christmas mayhem. If you're anything like me, you're tired (it is party month after all!), distracted and racing around juggling all the things that need to be done when you are working/running a business/managing cashflow to make sure all the bills are paid whilst getting those plans sorted for presents, meals, parties [...]

Work with me for half a day…

By |Business Publicity|

As you know, I LOVE helping people make sense of PR, find the angles they don't seem to realise they have in their businesses, and generally give them the tools and confidence to get out there and tell the world how marvellous they are!! I hope I've got that message across to you by now! SO, with that in mind [...]

What You Do Best

By |Business Publicity|

It's so true that if you love doing something, and feel passionately about it, you'll do it so much better than if you're doing it under duress! And how sad that many of us have worked over the years in things that really aren't right for us, or that our hearts aren't totally in and as a result we're not [...]

Don’t Listen To Me

By |Communication, Networking Events|

  Last week I experienced the fantastic results you can get from the following marketing mantras we all know - but often do not put into practice:   - being yourself so people get to see your personality - the value of video - people buy YOU - meet your target audience face to face - tell stories to get [...]

Oops, are we allowed to be human

By |Communication|

Oops, are we allowed to be human Have you done any personality profiling? And if so, what are your over riding traits? I find it so interesting. Myers Briggs is my favourite – do go online and take the test. Only takes about 10 minutes, and gives you some real insight into what your personality traits are and why you [...]

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