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You say potato, I say GHOUGHPHTHEIGHTTEEAU Don’t you hate the jargon of any other industry but yours? Standing at networking events listening to people I have just been introduced to wittering on about their business in words I cannot understand, using ridiculous phrases that seem excessive to me, just turn me off and I end up forgetting them as fast [...]

It may be given in evidence

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It may be given in evidence  It is very important to keep your communications with your target journalists plain and simple. You need to make it a no-brainer for them to use your material and quote you in their stories – and thus help deliver more warm leads to you, and even ready to buy customers! Here’s an illustration of [...]

Bounce Hit

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Bounce Hit You may be aware that I am on a mission to improve my tennis game. It was the only sport I was ever any good at as a child and even then I didn’t get very far. I stopped learning, got out of practice and so whenever I played with friends, I was hopeless and gave up again! [...]

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