And we’re off! 2019

So how was it for you? Did 2018 end happily, and successfully (however you measure that in your world)?

For me the rather weird but refreshing time between the office closing for Christmas, and opening again on January 2 (when you don’t know what day of the week it is, and I enjoy that!) was full of family and friends, dogs (I had an extra one for 2 weeks which was fun for Roly!) laughter and walks on the beach. Lucky me.

Are you ready for 2019? Goals made and shared with your teams?

Plans set up to make sure you achieve them? Step by step on a monthly basis?

It’s so important to maintain momentum in relation to PR and marketing to keep you ahead of the game, and it all rests in the planning! Know what your messages are, and what you are going to send out weekly and monthly, and stick to them.

If you’d like to talk through any PR ideas or issues you may have for the year, do please reply to this and let’s set up a time for a chat.

Have a good week and good luck with your 2019 planning.


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