New Year Predictions!

OK, so we’re in the middle of the Christmas mayhem. If you’re anything like me, you’re tired (it is party month after all!), distracted and racing around juggling all the things that need to be done when you are working/running a business/managing cashflow to make sure all the bills are paid whilst getting those plans sorted for presents, meals, parties etc with friends and family.

It’s December that I wish I had a ‘Jeeves’ sorting everything out for me. Leaving me with only one onerous task – reapplying my lipstick!

And I am going to be even more annoying for YOU and suggest you do one MORE thing before Christmas.

Prepare a ‘review of the year and predictions for 2019’ for your market.

Journalists love ‘star gazing’ commentary, predictions from experts in their fields, and January is the time for them.

So go on, get yours written now, so that as soon as you get back to work you can contact your top target media and get your review/predictions sent over to them – before your competitors. The very least you can do with the work is to publish it as a blog on your website and LinkedIn.

Good luck and please do let me know how you get on.


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