Sexy Fish – food for thought…

Great name for a venue don’t you think?

Two questions then:

  1. What venue do you reckon it is? And where?
  2. Would you spend £180/head on a set menu of a some raw fish and a few skewers of chicken? Before the wine!

If you’re a true foodie (with a healthy bank balance) I guess you will say ‘of course’ to question 2?

For me, as you know, food is not my highest priority. I enjoy it, and appreciate the work that goes into a meal, but it’s the company that matters for me. So £180 just for the food is not my thing!

But on Friday, one of my wonderful Christmas regulars was lunch with great old mates in London. And this year, the choice was – Sexy Fish. Described as: “Swanky, art-filled setting for robata-grilled fish, raw-bar items & more, plus a variety of drinks.”

It was so buzzy and fun and we had a brilliant time (not on the Xmas menu by the way!!) and my reflections on it go to how do we value our offering? And the PR side of course!

Meaning, how much will people pay to work with us? If they hear from others how marvellous we are, how we are THE people to work with despite loads of competition (you can get raw fish and a glass of chablis MUCH cheaper elsewhere in London!!) they will want a bit of that! And won’t worry about how much it is costing them.

Sexy Fish has a brilliant reputation. People rave about the atmosphere, the buzz, and the food. They recommend it. I am doing it now!

What can you do to create that buzz around you and your business? To beat your competitors. And take price out of the reason why they choose to work with you.

Food for thought (see what I did there?!)

Have a good week


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