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It’s so true that if you love doing something, and feel passionately about it, you’ll do it so much better than if you’re doing it under duress! And how sad that many of us have worked over the years in things that really aren’t right for us, or that our hearts aren’t totally in and as a result we’re not as successful at them. And have probably found it more difficult to get our messages across to the people we want to hear them, as a result.

Does that ring any bells and make sense to you?

 For me as you will have gathered, it’s now speaking at events, being a mentor, motivating and inspiring people to get on and do PR! I so love it and come alive when people ask me what I do and how I can help them.

It’s so much easier giving your ‘elevator pitch’ when it’s about something you feel inspired and motivated about too isn’t it?

From a PR point of view then, you will find it easier to get your message out there if you can find something WITHIN your area of expertise that particularly fires you up and makes you come alive. Then you can be commenting on that, writing articles about it, and telling your world through whichever third party route you chose!

And hope you are having a good week – for me right now, it’s rehearsing for a play I am in! First time for over 25 years and I’m loving it!!

Lucy Matthews

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