The four legged, super hairy (tho it doesn’t moult – marvellous!), totally adoring and loyal young man that I share my house with, who answers to a variety of names – Roly/Roland/Rolanski/Rolster/Roly-Woo – has been a total delight in my life this year, and very good for my PR.

He is so sweet and friendly people stop me on walks, in the coffee shop, the pub, wherever we are together and chat about him. Then they get to know me, think I am ok because I own such a lovely dog, and I have a new group of ‘doggy friends’ who are attracted to me via Roly.

One of whom needs some PR next year, so Roly has even brought me a client!

Do you see my point?

He is my third party endorsement!

I had a drink at the Totnes Christmas market last night with ‘Lola’s mum’ as I have been calling her, and she will introduce me to her circle nest year and so the PR continues to work its magic!

Better go and take him for a walk!

Have a great weekend.

Lucy x

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