Two simple ways to find journalists who will work with you

Two simple ways to find journalists who will work with you

Last week, after weeks of worrying about what I was going to do when the three year lease on my car runs out at the beginning of next month, which car I was going to get, how I was going to finance it, etc, I suddenly realized that I have a friend who works in this world. And she could do it all for me.  A Facebook message, quick phone call and follow up email later and I am sorted! Easy as that.

Sometimes the answer to our dilemmas is staring us in the face and we just can’t see it!

It’s the same with working with journalists – and the constant worry I hear from people about how they are going to find the best ones who will write about them – if they can’t afford to have a PR consultant (like me) doing it for them.

It is really easy now. The internet has made journalists the most accessible they have ever been and you are missing a trick if you don’t get on and just do it!

Here’s how:

Google them!

All you do is put one of your keywords + journalist into your search and up will come people work with! Look at this as an example:


Then you need to find these people, engage with them, comment on their blogs, follow them on Twitter etc and basically make them your friend by pitching them good stories they can use in their articles.

Keep up with the news

Use Google Alerts to keep up with what is happening in your world so that when something happens, relevant to what you do and what you can comment on, you can prepare a comment or sound bite and send it to your target journalists.  They will love something that adds to what has happened in the news and provides an interesting angle on it.

PLUS, these alerts will give you more potential journalists to follow and engage with!

For example:

  • When the news hit that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant again, you could have commented if you were involved in anything to do with childbirth, pregnancy, morning sickness etc.
  • With the Tour of Britain taking off, anyone involved in the sports therapy world could comment on how to cope with strains, injuries, keeping fit and strong relating to cycling.
  • The return of Strictly Come Dancing – who could comment on this? Anyone again, talking about fitness and aerobic exercise and how dancing can be a good form of that and its benefits. Dance teachers, obviously can comment on the popularity of this as a hobby and its benefits, image consultants could comment on how the contestants’ images change through the programme with the help of good make up and clothes etc and how we can relate that to our everyday lives..

See what I am doing?

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