Don’t Listen To Me


Last week I experienced the fantastic results you can get from the following marketing mantras we all know – but often do not put into practice:


– being yourself so people get to see your personality

– the value of video

– people buy YOU

– meet your target audience face to face

– tell stories to get your message across.

I was a speaker at a great event for empowering women in business. I was honoured to be asked to present and it was a huge success for me personally and for my business. First, due to a short impromptu video I made re what I would be talking about (filmed on my iphone in my study, with Roly jumping up on me in the middle of it!), one viewer decided she liked the look of me, wanted to do some PR, came to see me speak and signed up to work with me there and then.

I also sold loads of my books because the audience got to hear my stories, spent time chatting to me and so got to know and trust me.

Do take a leaf from my book and do the same in your worlds.

And personally, it was such a boost to my confidence, reassuring me that what I do does make an impact on people. Sometimes we need that reassurance!


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