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Grab Your Place on my Marvellous PR for Profits Formula Today


Marvellous PR for Profits Formula is a 4 month programme that’ll teach you everything you need to know to seriously raise your personal profile and help you to become “PR-able”.

Here’s what you’ll learn over the 4 months:

  • Where to look to find the stories in your business
  • How to tell a powerful and compelling story
  • Where to find journalists who’ll write about you
  • How to approach your target media
  • What to do to become super attractive to editors

The programme is delivered in two ways. Much of the value comes from a monthly video conference call with me, there’s also a sizeable ‘toolbox’ of folders jam-packed with useful and practical information for you, including some tried-and- tested press release templates for you to swipe.

In addition to the core programme, I’m making three fantastic bonuses available because I know you’ll find them valuable:



I’ll use our expertise (and some nifty professional PR agency software) to identify the top 4 or 5 journalists interested in your market and send you their contact details.

It’s easy to spread yourself thin, and send the same message to hundreds of journalists, but it doesn’t work. Much better to narrow it down to a handful of targets and focus your efforts on them. (Value £500)


I’ll use my experience to review your first 3 press releases, giving you pointers for how you can improve each of them for maximum impact. (Value £200 each)


As a final bonus, I’ll include an initial 40 minute strategy call with me. On the call I’ll understand what you’re looking to achieve from PR, and advise on the strategy that you should use to make it happen. I promise it’ll be a high value call and it could save you many months of barking up wrong trees. (Value £400)

Put simply, you’ll be working directly with me for 4 months. We’ll have that initial call, create a plan for you, and then support you for the duration of the programme as you grow your profile and start to see the benefits of a proper PR strategy.


Nobody’s going to argue against the power of PR.

We’ve all seen used time and again by entrepreneurs, fuelling the growth of their companies with free advertising through PR.

Richard Branson is the PR poster boy. He’s generated millions of pounds worth of publicity for Virgin through hundreds of stunts over the last few decades.

Steve Jobs was a master at it too, repeatedly getting the world’s media to broadcast his product launch keynotes as the lead story of the day.

More recently, it’s been Elon Musk reading from the Steve Jobs playbook, with his keynotes and launches for both Tesla and Space X being featured in media around the globe.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve worked closely with Charlie Mullins, who’s built his business, Pimlico Plumbers – on the back of a really smart PR strategy.

On a more local level, there are hundreds of businesses right across the UK who have mastered PR and use it to build their brand, attract more customers and justify higher prices than their competitors.

As business owners we know that PR can be used powerfully to help grow our businesses, the only problem is that we don’t know how to get it.

Our PR strategy is one of hope. We wait for the phone to ring. We wait for the email from  a journalist. Nothing happens.

It’s easy to attract PR, after all, there’s more media now than ever before and it’s a machine that constantly needs feeding with new stories.

There are plenty of journalists who are looking for stories from people like you, stories about businesses like yours…

…the problem is that they don’t find you, because they don’t know who you are.

You see, PR is often about PROFILE. It’s easy for Richard Branson to get coverage now because he’s so well-known.

If you Google yourself and somebody else comes up on the first page, that’s what a journalist is going to see when they research your story.

Not good.

Profile is the key to PR, that’s why I’ve created my Marvellous PR for Profits Formula.

Grab Your Place on my Marvellous PR for Profits Formula Today

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. PR is expensive…?

…and it can be, PR agencies routinely charge £3k, £6k, even £10k a month to represent their clients.

But this is completely different. This is education.

My 4 month Marvellous PR for Profits Formula is a transfer of skills, from me to you. I’ll teach you what I’d be doing to build your profile and attract publicity for you and your business, but I won’t be doing it for you.

It’s the classic “teach a man to fish” parable.

It’s easier for me to sell you the net than it would be for me to do all the work, and that’s why you can buy the whole programme from me – including everything you need to learn how to consistently generate valuable press coverage for your business – for a steal.

Your Investment

The programme will cost you just £400+VAT per month. That includes everything – the calls with me, the whole printed toolbox, the press release templates – everything.

If you prefer to pay upfront, I’ll deduct a £100 bookkeeping discount, so you’ll only pay £1500. What’s more, your Marvellous PR for Profits Formula comes with my 100% money back guarantee.

Work with us, have the 40 minute call with me, follow the programme, write a couple of press releases, send them to me for review and then send them to your target journalists and follow them up, and if you don’t get any coverage I’ll give you your money back.

I’ve spent the last 34 years learning about PR, and I’m packing it all up for you in an easy-to-consume 4 month programme.

£1600 would probably pay for a one-off half page ad in some industry magazine, if you invest that with me, I’ll teach you how to get 10 or 20 times that coverage in that exact same publication, without spending a penny.

PR is more important now than it ever has been. If you’re in business and you haven’t got a clear strategy that’s working for you to build your profile and get positive coverage for your company, then I’d urge you to take action now.

Purchase The Marvellous PR for Profits Formula today at either £1500+vat up front or £400+vat per month for 4 months

Hit the order button now, and we can be on the phone within a few days creating your strategy.

Grab Your Place on my Marvellous PR for Profits Formula Today

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